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Wondering How AODA Applies To Video?

Did you know that Ontario has a mandate for all organizations who use video content, to follow the AODA video requirements. When thinking about all of the elements that must be considered for full accessibility, it can become slightly overwhelming. But, don’t worry we are here to give you some insight to what this means. […]


Wondering Why Human WCAG Testing Is Necessary? Find Out More!

In today’s day in age, web developers have many crafty tools in their tool box to help with their day to day tasks and maintenance. However, an automated website accessibility testing system for AODA compliance is not one of them and we are here to tell you why! Automated Auditing Systems Are Limited Software is […]


Mobile Apps Require Accessibility

Although awareness continues to grow regarding accessibility within the digital community, many forget to recognize that it needs to be widespread for all devices, platforms and users. Mobile devices are an integral part of individuals daily lives, which also means so are the mobile apps accessed through the devices. The general question to be answered […]


How To Communicate The ‘Need’ With Clients

Communication between the client, designer and developer is a key part of the work we do here at AODA Web. Our top priority is working through a process that makes you feel included, while not scrapping any key elements that will impact your website’s accessibility. Throughout this process, the client is not the expert, but […]


Quicks Tips and What To Avoid With AODA Compliance

When gearing up to do business in the digital world, it is important to consider that there will be some costs associated. More specifically, AODA compliance is a step that must be accounted for when setting your business up for success online! Below are a few considerations to think about when investing in a service […]