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About AODA Web Accessibility

The way we interact and use the internet has advanced tremendously over the years, and technology has advanced. The digital world has become an integral part of the everyday real world.

Try thinking about your day-to-day activities: getting the latest news, catching up with friends, purchasing things, streaming video, ect. This is all done online.

The unfortunate truth is that with all of this great advancement in the online world, a very small portion has been developed to work well with users with accessibility issues. People with accessibility restrictions need to have equal access to the internet and websites. Our goal is to help reach the 2025 goal set by the Ontario government, to make all of Ontario accessible.

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Come January 1, 2021:

all public websites must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.


What we Do

We offer website accessibility audits, manually scanned by visually impared and disabled auditors. Our audits identify deficiencies in a website’s accessibility, and outlines recommendations on how to fix the problems.

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Our Mission

It is our mission to help Ontario reach it’s 2025 goal of making all of Ontario Accessible. We are doing our part, by providing feedback and direction to tack AODA on the web.

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