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AODA Website Accessibility Audits & Certifications

Here at AODA Web we have developed a website accessibility audit process to help our clients achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. Our team of certified developers navigate through a website to test for accessibility and build a report to share with your team. We work with our clients to outline the accessibility issues and find solutions to resolve the issues. On completion, our team does a final review to provide a certificate of compliance.

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    Create Compliant Websites With Our AODA Tools & 3rd Party Audit

    Website Accessibility Audit Solutions

    We have 3 solutions that help our clients on their journey to achieving website accessibility. These solutions can be worked into any type of budget and timeline. We work with our clients to build an accessibility plan. This approach can span over multiple years, or strive to accessibility compliance within a matter of weeks or months. Below you will find details of our 3 options, spanning from quick fix, to a complete audit and signed certificate.

    Website Accessibility Tool

    Automated Web Accessibility Solution for AODA Compliance

    This tool is installed within the website, and it adds an automated layer for accessibility use. This solution can only achieve 60-75% compliance. But it is quick to deploy and a good first step.

    Affordable and quick to implement.

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    Website Accessibility Structural Audit

    Preliminary scan to identify content and structural accessibility errors.