Website AODA Testing

AODA Web Accessibility Testing

To make sure that your website is not only designed and developed correctly, but also fully compliant with the guidelines and regulations of the AODA in regards to website accessibility and usability for those with various disabilities, we also offer website testing and inspection to guarantee that all functions and settings are working properly.

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Come January 1, 2021:

all public websites must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.


Assistive Device Testing

We also make sure that any assistance devices which are supposed to be compatible with the website operate correctly as well. We apply the proper level and scope of testing, one which matches or exceeds the regulatory audits which will follow after the January 2021 deadline.

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Making Your Website AODA Compliant

With so many different details and numerous technical requirements, it is both very easy and very common to find something in the early inspections of the system and its components. This is why many times it takes multiple tests and trial runs to get all of the kinks worked out when you use designers and developers which are not properly trained or educated to implement all of the specific technological and process-based items and information required to provide the necessary improvements to the website.

When the website is created and developed by our own programmers and developers, the testing process is usually shorter and less involved, as our professionals are already experienced with the process of designing and building sites which are fully accessible and in accordance with all current regulatory instructions and guidelines. By making sure that each component is working correctly as they progress, as well as performing their own in-development testing, many times the final inspection reveals no issues or problems.

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