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The way the world is operating, especially in the areas of business and communication. Much more business, trade, and all aspects of commerce and finance are becoming increasingly handled online. It is virtually possible to make nearly any kind of transaction imaginable online, even those which have, up until recently, been traditionally handled in person. This has led to not only an entirely different way of business and companies operate online, but it has also created a major shift in the habits and lifestyles of consumers, customers, and clients as well.

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Come January 1, 2021:

all public websites must meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards.


Web Design for Accessibility

What this all means is that an overwhelming majority of the world’s retail, sales and service providers, information and data sources, financial and investment markets, and countless other aspects of business and necessary functions of daily life are also massively shifting their services and operations online as well. This is where the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act or AODA, for short.

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How to Design for Accessibility

This legislation guarantees and details the equal accessibility and use of all services and goods, employment, and facilities and buildings as all citizens. This includes numerous specific and clearly defined guidelines for multiple types of businesses, recreational facilities, parks, financial institutions, municipal buildings and countless others. One particular section of this Act which focuses on the online compliance of these laws is WCAG 2.0 Level 2AA. It deals with website and online accessibility.

Without going into great detail to discuss each regulation, the overall guide is to help owners develop and improve existing website designs through text adjustment settings, audio to text options, as well as the ability to be able to be navigated by assistance devices for various users with various disabilities such as vision trouble or difficulty operating limbs. By January of 2021 all websites which came online or have posted content after January 1st of 2012 must be in full compliance with all regulations, excluding live captions and pre-recorded audio descriptions. Don’t let the deadline sneak up on you. We can help.

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