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Mobile Apps Require Accessibility

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Mobile Apps Require Accessibility

Although awareness continues to grow regarding accessibility within the digital community, many forget to recognize that it needs to be widespread for all devices, platforms and users. Mobile devices are an integral part of individuals daily lives, which also means so are the mobile apps accessed through the devices.

The general question to be answered here is, are mobile apps protected under the website accessibility standards? In short, yes, however this may vary depending on which guidelines must be followed to meet accessibility standards.

To provide some additional information, individuals with disabilities find creative ways to be able to access information within the digital world. There are many resources available to help these individuals, depending on their unique needs and preferences. Assistive Technologies are tools users with disabilities can use to interact with content and other devices. So when designing mobile apps, it is crucial to consider these resources to help ensure that the app is developed with accessibility standards in mind.

Existing mobile apps should undergo a process that evaluates their current structure with regards to accessibility standards. In short, this means using human qualified auditors to test the mobile app experience, to ensure it is up to code!

It is important to recognize that we live in a world that has a primary focus to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. So brands that choose to not incorporate this into their core identity face a severe risk of negative brand reputation.