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Quicks Tips and What To Avoid With AODA Compliance

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Quicks Tips and What To Avoid With AODA Compliance

When gearing up to do business in the digital world, it is important to consider that there will be some costs associated. More specifically, AODA compliance is a step that must be accounted for when setting your business up for success online!

Below are a few considerations to think about when investing in a service that will help ensure you meet the current accessibility standards.

  • Start with the right team, ensure they have extensive experience. Working with a team like AODA Web is the first step you can take to ensure you set your business up to be accessible to the entire digital community.

  • Be aware that automated auditing tools are not equipped to detect even half of the current accessibility standards. Although they can be used for preliminary audits, they should not be relied upon solely to determine accessibility.

  • Invest in user research, assuming things and cutting corners can lead to websites that don’t meet the full accessibility standards. You want to understand what and how your business can be represented in a way that meets the accessibility standards while still accurately representing your product or service.

  • Design for flexibility, this will make it easier for a wider audience to utilize the site. Aspects like allowing users to change your websites size, spacing, colour and fonts are a great feature which welcomes inclusivity!

  • Test and iterate along the way, don’t wait for development to be complete. This will allow you to help prevent necessary reworking to get your website to where it needs to be.

Overall, our mission here at AODA Web is to help Ontario reach its goal of making all websites accessible by 2025! We are working towards this by doing our part, providing feedback and direction to tack AODA on the web. We are ready to help you next!